Our Promise to You

O U R   S T O R Y

Every garment is intentionally designed after much study. We exclusively use the world’s best Pima cotton from Peru. This precious hand-picked cotton is silky soft, incredibly strong, highly durable and with our proprietary finish creates a fabric with remarkable color, luster, texture and feel. Artisans with generations of expertise cut and stitch every nuanced detail of our garment with precision -- the height of our ultra comfortable collar, the contours of our super-strong, lay flat seams, the distinct neck tape for shape retention and so on. And only after passing rigorous testing for consistent fit and performance longevity, do we put our signature label on a garment.

Our mission is to understand your needs and work hard to satisfy them. We prioritize quality relative to this in everything we do: from the construction of our garments to the packaging in which they’re presented to you to creating marketing that is informative, entertaining and of value to you.

Our intent is to be thoughtful and caring with each individual decision and interaction. We value the trust placed in us so it comes natural for us to stand by our products and services 100%. It’s not a policy but our way of doing business with partners. If at any time we’ve fallen short of your expectations and your satisfaction not fully complete, please let us know. Your feedback is important to us so we can improve and better serve you now and in the future..


  • Relaxed and comfortable
  • Straight cut side seams
  • Higher neckline
  • Wider shoulder, armhole and sleeve
  • Slightly longer length


  • Shaped to the body
  • Contoured side seams for a slightly narrower waist
  • Lower neckline with a narrow rib collar
  • Narrower shoulder, armhole and sleeve
  • Slightly longer length