Our World

Our style and sense of luxury comes from the place we call home. California. It’s diversity shapes our experiences. From rising early to catch the perfect wave off sun-kissed beaches to pondering the creativity of Duchamp’s provocative Fountain or the street art in San Fran’s Mission District. Dining on sublime food truck fare with an extravagant Napa cab as the day’s light fades into the Pacific is a fantastic finish. It’s the romantic glow of Hollywood glam and Steinbeck’s bread basket. The Concours and Coachella. Silicon Valley, Idyllwild and Laguna Seca. Originators, artists and adventurers inspire us. Wherever we journey whether it be via the 101 or PCH 1, the left coast has a casual pragmatism that is knitted into our brand. This is the world of Left Coast Tee. For men who value independence as much as style, luxury and comfort.

Our Products

Since it’s eponymous to our name, you may think we’re only about tee shirts. While it’s certainly a popular style for us, we’re much more than that. Our design work begins with innovating knit fabrics suited for the modern man’s need for style, comfort and convenience. Fabrics that will perform to the most discerning customer’s exacting tastes and demanding lifestyle.

Our knit fabrics begin with Peruvian pima cotton. An ultra-soft, exceptionally durable yarn that has a brilliant luster. Occasionally blended with a bit of something else like Lycra or Modal for appearance and performance, our fabric goes through a proprietary finish that leaves it feeling magical against the skin yet resilient to bounce back after each wear.

Only from these luxurious knit fabrics do we craft our well-made garments -- tee shirts, polos, button-up shirts, sweatshirts, jackets and pants. Every detail thoughtfully added for ease and distinction. Only when we are confident to guarantee your satisfaction do we brand our garments with the Left Coast Tee name and signature orange stitching.

Our Partners

From the best textile mills and garment makers who help bring our knitwear garments to the finest menswear shops that collaborate to deliver our brand to their customers, we work with leaders who push us, guide us and support us through trials and tribulations. We work with passionate professionals who love what they do because we couldn’t imagine the alternative. We support local charities and industry initiatives because we believe our success is knitted together.

Left Coast Tee proudly supports Delivering Good.

Our Story

We started with a belief that stylish men want a relaxed yet refined way to dress. They want a look that is effortless. A product that could easily adapt to their dynamic lifestyle and complement the high-quality clothing in their wardrobe. Our answer was the tee shirt. A staple of casual American style.

So a time when tee shirts were either underwear or ill-made, logo emblazoned alternatives fit only for 20-somethings, we decided to do what Californians seem to do best: rebel. Our idea was for a luxury tee shirt made from a superior natural fabric in exciting and understandable colors that fit so damn well that men would feel comfortable wearing it for all occasions whether by itself or layered under a jacket.

Left Coast Tee was founded in 2009 in San Francisco by Gary Wasserman and Steve Sockolov. With years of experience creating and selling luxury clothing, they launched the brand with only their Iconic Tee Shirt. A modern American fit, crewneck tee shirt in a multitude of colors so well made that it was immediately accepted and distributed by the best menswear specialty stores throughout America and Canada. Over the years the brand has grown and evolved to include a collection of luxury products all made from the finest knit fabrics desired by discerning men everywhere.