Which fit is right for me?

M O D E R N   A M E R I C A N   F I T

  • Relaxed & comfortable
  • Straight cut side seams
  • Higher neckline
  • Wider shoulder, armhole & sleeve
  • Slightly longer length

    S H A P E D   F I T

    • Shaped to the body
    • Contoured side seams: narrower waist
    • Lower neckline, narrow rib
    • Narrower shoulder, armhole & sleeve
    • Slightly shorter length

      A L L   S H I R T S

      • Handpicked, Peruvian Pima cotton
      • Signature, interior neck taping to maintain shape
      • Lycra in ribbing for stretch & recovery
      • Interior yoke piece
      • Side vents add comfort & style, tucked or untucked
      • Proprietary fabric finish for durability & luxurious feel
      • Embroidered “T” logo on lower left front